Why You Should use Rectangular Steel Tubes

Why You Should use Rectangular Steel Tubes

Rectangular tubes are made from coils, and they are later run through a sequence of dyes. The tubes are welded from the inside, and a machine folds the tube up to arrive at its rectangular shape. Their main shape is to offer structures more strength for support and also help conceal other components.

Wires, pipes and other components can be passed through the rectangular tubing for concealment. The steel design also makes it easy for welds, punches, and drilling to fit during construction. They offer an alternative to lightweight steel because of the hollow section.

The tubing is used more often in various settings. Its availability in different sizes makes it a necessity in different sizes of structure development. Many constructions rely on rectangular tubing use. Some of the common industries that use rectangular tubing are:

  • General fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Frames
  • Repairs
  • Metal structures
  • Transport equipment
  • Truck beds
  • And many other industries.

To purchase your rectangular tubes, there are different sizes and gauges. For example, in home construction, you can choose the type to use depending on the house size and wall thickness.

Advantages of rectangle steel tubes

  1. Strength

Many people believe that with the surge of timber structures, steel will be rivaled out in the construction industry. The truth is timber’s strength is unmatched with a rectangular steel tube. Primarily, steel is used to offer longitudinal support, which timber cannot.

The tubing is more resistant to lengthway support compression. Also, the tubes offer higher resistance against external forces like bending due to load.

  1. Consistency

Steel tubes have consistent dimensions. They have the same length, thickness, weight, color, etc. This it easy to calculate the total weight of a structure. Moreover, uniformity makes a structure more balanced.

  1. Less weight

The hollow shape of rectangular steel tubes makes them less weighty. Compared to solid steel, they have more weight and building a structure with solid steel tubes can result in a catastrophe due to the weight. We provide rectangular tubes that range from 1.40 kgs per meter to the most expensive tubes of 420kg per meter.

The less weight associated with rectangular tubes also makes them less costly. Solid steel is expensive due to its weight and its composition. You can save more and let rectangular steel tubes do the work for you.

  1. Recyclable

Compared to other materials, rectangular steel tubes are 100% recyclable. Pieces of waste can be recycled. The pieces can be melted and used to make other metal structures. Also, molten steel can be used to make more rectangular tubes.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing rectangular steel tubes, visit us at Texas Iron & Metal. We have various forms of steel for your construction needs, either galvanized or carbon. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.

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