Why is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Preferable For Long Term Storage

Self-storage units come in all sizes and types. One of the most common types of storage units is the climate-controlled storage unit. The customers are advised to prefer climate-controlled storage units over the ordinary ones when they need to store their items for long periods of time. Let us begin by understanding what a climate-controlled storage unit is. It can be different according to the storage companies and locations, but basically a climate-controlled storage unit gives the users to regulate the temperature as well as the humidity inside the unit. These factors work together to control the moisture levels in the surroundings. These facilities utilize high-quality HVAC systems i.e. heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as dehumidifiers, customizable thermostats, and heavy-duty insulation to keep the temperature and humidity at the set value.

Boons Of A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

So what is the gung-ho all about? Granted that the climate-controlled units have a high-end system that keeps everything under the roof unit at a given temperature. The importance of maintaining the climate of the storage unit is understood greatly by the ones who have used an ordinary storage unit for keeping essentials that are close to their hearts and see them perish at the hand of mites, rust, dust, mold, and other factors that accompany the fluctuating humidity and temperature. Keeping a check on the factors that cause such results like high moisture level due to summer heat or mildew in the winters can be avoided easily with the use of climate-controlled storage units. This is the main and most primary reason as any individual prefers to have complete control to keep their belongings safe and reduce the impact of other external factors to the best of their capabilities.

Criteria For Selecting Items That Need Special Attention

There can be a lot of confusion regarding the items that actually might benefit from storage in the controlled environment and items that will survive just fine in an ordinary secure storage unit. Consider factors like whether the item can catch mildew or mold, can the furniture items warp, crack, deteriorate, or become discolored from the interactions with moisture. If the answer is yes, then it should be subjected to a controlled environment. Other factors that need to be kept in mind are whether extreme cold or heat cause damage, do they need to be kept at a specific temperature like wine or artwork, or if they have some sentimental value attached to them. These factors warrant the items to be stored very carefully and protect them at all costs. Rare, vintage, and valuable items like leather-clad things, paintings, collectibles of precious places are also things that need to be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Overcome The Climatic Barrier

When talking about long-term storage, the geographical location of the storage unit comes into a great play. An individual has to consider the seasonal changes and the heights of high and low temperature that is reached in the area. The humidity or moisture content also needs to be considered while storing important documents or classic collections of books as they can be easily ruined if not packaged and stored appropriately. In such cases, climate-controlled storage units come to the rescue and provide a clean and dry place that is isolated from the outer environment and helps create the perfect atmosphere for storing the valuables.

Finally, Provides A Great Value For The Money

The climate-controlled storage units cost slightly greater than the normal ones due to the installation of controlling mechanisms that are needed to regulate the moisture content and the temperatures. But when considering the long-term implications, they provide a great value they help prevent the cost one has to suffer due to damages to the items and losses if it weren’t for a climate-controlled storage unit.

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