Three Key Elements Of Executing An Idea In Business

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You might have heard a phrase, often attributed to motivational speaker Les Brown, that starts with, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled.” I believe this is, unfortunately, true, but ideas are only one part of the equation.

Coming up with good ideas is more of an art. Executing them is more of a science. In order to manifest your ideas and projects and make them a reality, I’ve found the following three elements to be highly effective, both in my own personal and professional life and in the lives of those I’ve worked with and coached:

Develop a strong vision and mindset.

I strongly believe that in order to manifest and make your best ideas and biggest projects a reality, you need to first have a strong vision of what exactly you wish to achieve. Writing down and gaining clarity on the destination — as well as brainstorming the inevitable challenges, obstacles and resources you’ll need to navigate along the way — is step one.

Next, it’s important to cultivate and train yourself to develop a strong, resilient and durable mindset. This can help you persevere through any setbacks, letdowns, failures and hurdles you will undoubtedly encounter on your quest for achievement. Some strategies for doing this include but are not limited to building your gratitude, acknowledging your progress and committing to yourself and your goals.

Determine your why.

The next key element of executing an idea is identifying and making sure that you have your why — your reason for wanting to achieve this big idea. In my experience, without a reason larger than ourselves and our own ego and agenda, sometimes we are more susceptible to giving up when the going gets tough. Try to attach your motivation to a deeper and more compelling reason.

For instance, a new project to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization could be driven not just by your desire to improve the company’s image, bottom line and your own stock as a leader in the organization, but also by a desire to help address global climate change where you have influence and the ability to effect change and progress.

Another key component to this second element of execution is making your reason emotionally compelling and significant. I believe that the more you can connect emotionally to your ideas and projects, the more connected and authentic your outcomes will be. Also, I’ve found you will be pulled to achieve your project or idea, rather than feeling pushed.

Take consistent, committed actions.

The last key element of execution to make your big idea or project a reality is taking consistent and committed action toward the goal every single day. When you are focused on your energy and efforts over time, some pretty amazing things can happen.

I’ve seen this time and time again in both my life and career and in those of people I’ve worked with and encountered. From my perspective, it is when we are scattered and inconsistent, when we approach our ideas in fits and starts, and when we get distracted easily that we don’t see our ideas through.

When you next think about achieving something great and significant and you have a spark of creative energy, don’t stop there. Implement these three elements of execution to make your ideas lasting realities and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

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