Juniper Unlimited, Taking Business From Revolution To Evolution

Juniper Unlimited is making a bold statement by magnifying a real business need to reach 1.3 billion people with disabilities globally and celebrate in the delight of just being themselves. Through the creation of an online platform merging content, community, and commerce, Juniper Unlimited even at this nascent stage has a true grasp of the core principles that will not only sustain it but shape the evolution of the modern disability narrative within the business ecosystem of the digital economy.

Juniper Unlimited from its inception has understood the critical role that adaptive design plays as a viable economic engine. The venture is owned by the Hong Kong-based Global Brands Group, which is well known for numerous branded apparel and kids wear, to a licensing and brand management portfolio that includes Calvin Klein, Sean John, Coca-Cola, and Disney. Using fashion as the catalyst, Juniper Unlimited recognized that the growth potential of the adaptive clothing market is expected to reach $400 billion by 2026.  Currently, the site hosts eight brands and will continue to serve as an incubator for collaboration and growth in the space. 

Yet, the real secret sauce lies not in the fact that Juniper Unlimited is a dedicated marketplace for adaptive design, but rather a vision that stems far beyond the basic business to consumer website. The organization has understood from the beginning the responsibility that intersectionality plays in developing this growing service-based business.  Adaptive design while serving as an anchor also offers an entrée into the relationship between the disability experience and the connection to the larger human story. In this marriage of commerce, community, and content Juniper Unlimited has organized key verticals on the site that include Wellness, Tech, Style, Care, and Community providing an appreciation of the wants, needs, and desires that we all share in the world around us. It is this very concept that celebrates difference but also creates an opportunity to effectively market a vision, that this can be a site for everyone. 

The Juniper Unlimited maxim ‘designing the future’ sits prominently at the top of every page of the site. This deliberate choice is not only vital for the strategic blueprint of the company but a recognition of the growing role that the disability narrative plays in shaping a culture of inclusion for the economy of the 21st Century. The disability community is the essence of diversity spanning across race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economics, sexual orientation, and age. Unlike other minority groups, it is only one anyone can join at any time. Along with friends, family, and caregivers, the community will be ever-expanding and redefining itself along the way.

Society is at an inflection point where we need to not only acknowledge this growing community but make sure that they are a key stakeholder at the table. Juniper Unlimited provides a platform that drives disability from the revolutionary ideas of ‘Nothing About Us With Out Us’ to evolutionary ideas of real culture change where an array of new voices can be heard, new artists can be seen, and new ideas can be disseminated. It is this impulse that will not only help to redefine disability as a tool for inclusion but illustrate the lived experience of disability as an essential mechanism of representation that is necessary for the present and future. Juniper Unlimited has embraced the notion that disability and design are inextricably linked. Highlighting the companies’ verticals will not only create a value add for its primary audience but illustrate how these innovations often born out of necessity can find new audiences that will see the significance in their own lives and realize that the disability narrative can offer all of us a modern perspective that can be shared and celebrated.  

As Juniper Unlimited embarks on this new journey they offer hope for the potential of integrating disability into the larger fabric of business and culture. Building on both the power of the disability marketplace coupled with the vision of a shared opportunity to reach a larger audience remains to be seen, yet they acknowledge the basic fact that they all inhabit the same space and by designing a better world for all of us will only benefit our collective needs.

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